In 2023, top customer case studies reveal impressive achievements. Staples streamlined operations and improved product management, while ASSA ABLOY introduced a mobile app that reduced workload and increased upsell opportunities. Leatherman enhanced team efficiency and data accuracy using Akeneo. INTERSPORT focused on faster classification and better content marketing, and Smallable improved product listings and localized content. A Medical Equipment Company saw gains in efficiency, customer experience, and ROI through enhanced product management. Each case demonstrates how innovative solutions have led to substantial improvements. You'll discover more about these game-changing strategies and their impact.

Key Takeaways

  • Akeneo boosted efficiency and accuracy for a Medical Equipment Company, improving product management and reducing operational costs.
  • Staples utilized Akeneo to manage products efficiently, reducing time-to-market and improving teamwork with shareable dashboards.
  • ASSA ABLOY launched a mobile app, significantly reducing employee workload and support calls while enhancing upsell opportunities.
  • Leatherman achieved faster speed to market and data accuracy using Akeneo, empowering teams with efficient tools and dashboards.
  • INTERSPORT enhanced content marketing and classification accuracy, saving time and boosting efficiency with Akeneo.


Staples has streamlined its operations to manage twice as many products in less time without increasing team size. By leveraging advanced data management tools, Staples has greatly enhanced teamwork and collaboration through shareable dashboards. This improvement has allowed them to maintain high data quality, consistency, and accuracy, which are essential for their operations.

In these Case Studies and Customer Stories, you'll see how Staples reduced its time-to-market for product launches, a vital factor in staying competitive. By improving their internal processes, Staples made sure that new products reached customers faster, without compromising on quality. This efficiency has also supported their B2C digital commerce offering effectively, enabling a seamless shopping experience for consumers.

The integration of shareable dashboards has been a game-changer for Staples. These tools facilitate real-time collaboration and data sharing among team members, vastly improving decision-making processes. As a result, Staples has been able to handle a larger product range with the same workforce, demonstrating a high level of operational efficiency.

These customer stories highlight Staples' strategic approach to overcoming operational challenges, making it a prime example of excellence in modern retail management.


ASSA ABLOY has revolutionized the customer experience by introducing a mobile app for product research and purchases. This strategic move hasn't only modernized the user interface but also brought significant operational improvements and customer engagement.

Highlights of this success story include:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The app has reduced employee workload by over 40 hours a week, streamlining operations and freeing up valuable resources.
  • Customer Support: Support calls have decreased by 20% due to the streamlined processes and enhanced product information available through the app.
  • Increased Engagement: Page views have surged by 27%, indicating increased traffic and user interaction with the brand.
  • Revenue Growth: The app has improved upsell and cross-sell opportunities, driving higher revenue generation.

This case exemplifies how digital innovation can lead to substantial improvements in both customer satisfaction and business performance. By focusing on user-friendly interfaces and detailed product information, ASSA ABLOY has successfully created a tool that meets customer needs while also boosting operational efficiency.

These success stories demonstrate the effectiveness of integrating technology to foster both customer engagement and internal productivity. With these advancements, ASSA ABLOY sets a benchmark for future customer-centric digital transformations.


Leatherman's adoption of Akeneo technology has greatly boosted team efficiency and data integrity. By implementing Akeneo, Leatherman streamlined their processes, leading to enhanced data accuracy, consistency, and quality. Leveraging Akeneo's Product Models, the team could ensure the highest standards of data integrity, which bolstered their confidence in the information they managed.

The digital transformation at Leatherman didn't just improve data management; it also empowered team members. Shareable dashboards facilitated better teamwork and collaboration, guaranteeing everyone stayed on the same page. This efficiency gain translated into a faster speed to market, essential for maintaining a competitive edge in B2C digital commerce.

The Sammaan case highlighted how Akeneo's features allowed Leatherman to reduce time-to-market for new products. This efficiency was crucial for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market landscape. Akeneo's technology not only saved time for team members but also provided tools that supported their broader digital transformation goals.


INTERSPORT significantly enhanced their operational efficiency by implementing Akeneo's technology, achieving a 50% decrease in classification time. This noteworthy improvement didn't just save time but also secured an impressive 95% increase in classification accuracy. By streamlining their processes, INTERSPORT managed to save 18 hours per week, a proof of the effectiveness of Akeneo's solution.

These enhancements directly impacted INTERSPORT's content marketing strategy throughout the year. Accurate and efficient data management is essential for effective content marketing, and Akeneo's technology provided just that. This allowed INTERSPORT to focus on more strategic tasks rather than getting bogged down by operational inefficiencies.

Moreover, the efficiency boost reached 30%, a clear indicator of how well Akeneo's technology integrated into INTERSPORT's existing systems. Affirming data accuracy for business operations was another significant benefit, providing a strong foundation for consistent and reliable marketing efforts.


Building on the success seen by INTERSPORT, Smallable focuses on streamlining product management and content enrichment to reduce production timelines. Leveraging Akeneo technology, Smallable enhances its product listings across multiple sales channels. This SaaS company's strategy hinges on improving data quality, consistency, and accuracy, essential for efficient business operations.

You'll find that Smallable's approach centers on localizing product content for different markets, thereby elevating customer engagement. By overseeing its vast catalog efficiently, Smallable guarantees a seamless customer experience. Their stories of success illustrate the impact of optimized content and streamlined processes on reducing time-to-market.

Here's a quick overview:

Focus Area Details
Product Management Streamlined processes for efficiency
Content Enrichment Enhanced to reduce production timelines
Localization Tailored content for different markets
Data Quality Improved consistency and accuracy
Technology Leveraged Akeneo for optimizing product listings

Smallable's diligent approach to product management not only accelerates timelines but also enhances the customer journey. Their success stories resonate with many SaaS companies aiming for operational excellence. By focusing on these key areas, Smallable sets a high standard in the industry, proving the power of effective content and data management.

Medical Equipment Company

A leading medical equipment company has harnessed Akeneo technology to improve product management accuracy and efficiency. By doing so, they've not only enhanced customer experiences but also streamlined their internal processes to a significant extent.

With the new year, the company aimed to optimize its operations. Implementing Akeneo allowed them to achieve this goal by:

  • Increasing speed to market: Streamlining processes meant new products could be introduced more swiftly.
  • Empowering team members: Enhanced data integrity boosted confidence and autonomy among staff.
  • Improving accuracy: Product Models in Akeneo ensured precise and consistent product information.
  • Saving hours per task: Efficiency improvements reduced the time required for product management tasks.

These advancements have led to a more dynamic and responsive product management system. With Akeneo, the company can now provide accurate product data effortlessly, guaranteeing that their customers receive reliable information. This technological leap supports the company's commitment to excellence and positions them as a leader in the medical equipment industry.

As you look at your own processes, consider how leveraging similar technology could transform your operations. The journey to mastery often begins with the right tools, and Akeneo has proven to be a game-changer for this medical equipment company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Real Life Example of a Case Study?

You wouldn't believe it, but Green Bay Packaging rebuilt an entire paper mill using Rockwell Automation's drives and control software. They met global demand for corrugated cardboard and created a benchmark for industrial efficiency. Now that's mastery!

What Are Case Studies in Mba?

In MBA programs, case studies are real-life business scenarios you analyze to apply theoretical knowledge. They sharpen your critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills by simulating complex business challenges and fostering in-depth discussions.

How to Read Business Case Studies?

When reading business case studies, hit the ground running by identifying the problem, solution, and results. Focus on data points, metrics, and outcomes. Analyze strategies and actions taken. Absorb key takeaways for real-world application.

What Is an Example of a Case Study in Business?

An example of a business case study is Staples. They streamlined product management, improved data quality, and boosted teamwork using a specific solution. This led to higher efficiency and enhanced customer experiences without increasing team size.